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Chris Vice President at EC Consulting Partnership, is a licensed Professional Engineer, LEED AP, and ICC Residential Inspector. Chris has been with EC Consulting Partnership since its inception and his experience includes owner’s representation services, construction management and litigation support, property condition assessment, and construction administration. Chris plays a vital role in the management of the Waterproofing and Concrete Restoration projects.  With his Equanimeous, Confident and professional disposition, Chris helps to facilitate success on all the projects he works on.  


project ENGINEER


project ENGINEER

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Sten is a seasoned Structural Engineer with more than 40 years of international experience in the construction industry. His experience includes Corrosion Mitigation in Europe, Middle and Far East, Canada, East Africa, and the US; on pipelines, buildings and bridges in general. He is a member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers as well as the International Concrete Repair Institute.  He is passionate as he is Experienced in water Corrosion and acts as a Project Manager that is able to confidently and efficiently collaborate with all parties involved to optimize project completion and safety.  

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Pablo a licensed General Contractor, with his 20 years of fast track, design-build, budget control, estimating and costing experience in high dollar volume construction projects enables him to confidently serve as EC Consulting Partnership’s Construction Administration Senior Project Manager.  His experience includes having been Director of Construction Services, Cost Engineer and Chief Estimator.  In addition to his proficient background, Pablo is detail oriented, Energetic and an expert specialist in code Compliance which helps assure safety, cost effectiveness and timely completion of the projects he works on.

Pedro Pablo “PPC”, a distinguished Professional Engineer, serves as Vice President.  With over 40 years in the construction industry, PPC has experience being a Senior Mechanical Engineer, Contract Administrator and Senior Project Manager.   As our Vice President, PPC offers an insurmountable level of Expertise and with matched Competence responsibly oversees all projects in order to ensure that each project receives the soundest and most respectable guidance and service.

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CHrisTOPHER Moorefield, PE


“Our ultimate goal is a client relationshipthat supersedes the standard engineering consultant interaction… one of trust.” Eduardo Cocina, President


​Pedro p. Cabal, pe

Vice President

Eduardo"Eddy" Cocina our Founder and President, has been an Engineering Consultant for almost 20 years in South Florida.  After graduating Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Structural Engineering in 1998, Eddy returned to Miami to begin his career. His experience ranges from Structural Design, Forensic Investigations, Owner Representative and most recently, Senior Project Manager of a full service consulting engineering firm. In 2010, EC Consulting Partnership was founded in order to more effectively provide expert engineering and owner’s representative services than the industry standard. Eddy takes great pride in partnering with clients and team members alike to be directly involved with each project in order to ensure safety, cost effectiveness, quality control & overall success.EC Consulting Partnership with Eddy’s leadership is dedicated to constantly Evolve and remain Conscious of its true vision and mission of maintaining the highest Ethical standards and Commitment to excellence.